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About us

More than just a vendor…

A Data Security Engineering Team You Can Partner with.

EPS doesn’t just manufacture and sell hardware and software solutions for data erasure and imaging automation.
We partner with our customers to provide invaluable engineering resources that help win deals.
Having members of our team on your calls helps bring the level of expertise that turns your prospects into customers.

We Are

Erasure Hardware Manufacturers

With a host of appliances for data center, on-site and in-house test, erasure and imaging deployment, we stand apart from competitors both in the diversity of our offerings and our engineering design.

We Are

Erasure Software Manufacturers

Leveraging over 20 years of storage engineering experience in test and development, our erasure software is unlike any on the market.  Our software provides a level of innovation unrivaled in the industry with responsive technical support to back it up.

We Are

Erasure Service Providers

Rounding out our triple threat and establishing EPS as completely unique provider is our ability to travel anywhere in the world and erase virtually anything.  Our storage engineering background has made us a service provider for the largest storage consumers and OEMs on the planet.

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