Ultra Portable Appliance
High Speed
Direct Attach

This Appliance is Used For…
  • Direct Storage Array Attachment
  • Technology Refresh
  • End of lease equipment
  • Data Center decommissioning
  • Data Center migration
  • Data Center relocation

Utilizing the unlimited erasure version of our flagship Enterprise Data Erasure Software (XErase), our Ultra Portable Appliance provides high bandwidth, single-protocol data sanitization compliant with over a dozen globally recognized erasure standards.

Perfect for those who require on-the-go data erasure, this appliance ships with single protocol support. For those who need a benchtop expansion solution check out our Rackmount and Portable Solutions.

The Ultra-Portable unit comes with wireless (and wired) LAN for remote booting, erasure and control. In addition, custom patterns and wipe methods can be easily integrated into the product by the user, to address any specialized data erasure requirements.

Pre-defined erasure buttons on the front panel allow for one-touch erasures. Select from Security Erase, 1X, 3X, 5X or 7X erasure methods with the press of a button.


Overwriting Standards

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