A few notes from our customers




  • Pete D.

    “As one of the world’s largest CRM providers, we have dozens of data centers all over the globe.  We deploy EPS Custom Erasure Kits in all of our Data Centers for RMA Erasure, PXE Based Server Decommission and Direct Attached SAN Decommission.  We replaced our previous solution because of it’s lack of scalability in enterprise storage space, inadequate reporting and poor technical support.  EPS has checked all those boxes and some we hadn’t even realized we needed.”

  • John B.

    “We were using a mix of a few of EPS’ competitors and were getting a high percentage of drive RMA’s after erasure and resale.  We brought in EPS to see if they could help.  We ended up purchasing about 300 ports worth of their Octane Rackmount Erasure Appliances and not only did our RMA’s percentage drop from low teens to less than 2 percent but our throughput increased significantly due to the erasure speeds we see in the appliances.  Because of the custom grading and testing features in XErase, instead of shipping product will inevitably be returned we disqualify it from sale and our reputation for quality product has grown considerably.”

  • Kevin

    “We have a very large install base of EPS hardware that we use to process hard drive erasures and verifications for our client base. The hardware is the fastest and most in-depth solution we’ve seen.  It allows us to process tens of thousands of drives per week and weeds out issues quickly allowing us to produce quality product for us to resale.”

  • John D.

    “We use EPS hardware and software solutions for our global data erasure initiative (at customer data centers) in dozens of countries world wide.  Their hardware stands up to non-stop global shipping requirements and is easy to setup and use.  Their software gets the job done quickly so our technicians can move on to the next site and their tech support is extremely responsive.  We’ve been a customer for years and our business with them has and will continue to grow.”

  • Glenn L.

    “We promise our customers a single source solution that is secure, compliant and absolute. That’s why we use Enterprise Data Erasure Hardware and Software products. They have the best solutions in the industry. We use our appliances at customer sites and in our trucks to erase sensitive data quickly and securely.”

  • Jim K.

    “We use XErase PXE Boot software in multiple departments in order to simultaneously erase dozens of laptops, desktops and servers as they come in. The automation level of this software far exceeds our previous solution enabling us to increase productivity and freeing up our technicians to perform tasks in parallel. We have shown this solution and process to our largest customers during facility tours and they have all been impressed. We have also engaged Extreme Protocol Solutions for several on-site erasures and have always been impressed with their rapid response, storage expertise and professional service.”

  • Eric

    “I was on-site at a Fortune 500 bank headquarters when you erased, literally, more than one hundred loose drives at a time with your ultra-portable units. There were hundreds of end-of-lease Dell desktops that needed to be securely erased and certified before being returned. Your ultra-portables did the job in a fraction of the time it would have taken to do them one-by-one as they had originally planned. They’d probably still be there erasing drives!”