EPS SwitchErase is a feature of our flagship Enterprise Data Erasure Software, XErase.  This feature puts XErase into Switch Erasure mode which allows it to erase Network Switches, Routers, Access Points and even Fibre Channel Switches.  Because this functionality is so different from the Hard Drives, SSDs and NVMe devices that XErase traditionally erases, we felt it deserved its own page.  As with the aforementioned storage devices, in addition to erasing the devices, SwitchErase collects all relevant audit information (Manufacturer, Model, Serial Number, OS Version, Firmware, Port Configuration etc.) for report generation, ERP integration, integration into our XCloud portal or any other SQL or MYSQL database.

As per the NIST 800-88r1 Publication, Appendix A, Table A-2 for Networking Device Sanitization our software can provide a full manufacturer’s reset back to factory settings effectively removing all user data and settings.  This process is considered a Clear by the NIST800-88r1 Publication. In addition to the factory reset, depending on the switch, we can also reformat the flash storage and re-image the switch with the previously booted operating system for an extra layer of security.  Also, depending on the manufacturer, we support a Purge option that may need to be purchased separately from the device manufacturer.

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