In today’s world, working remotely is a common occurrence.  Companies lease laptops and desktops for their employees and have to deal with retrieving and replacing those systems due to lease expirations or technology refreshes.   That was challenging enough when those assets were in multiple facilities.  It now becomes exponentially more difficult now that those assets could be spread out in thousands of homes and offices across multiple countries across the globe.

EPS SystemErase is a simple means of rapidly deploying bulk remote erasure capabilities for laptops, desktops and servers connected to the internet.  Based on cloud licensing and secure cloud reporting, this solution allows users located anywhere in the world to securely erase their assets without needing any technical knowledge.  The asset administrator simply creates an equipment take-back job and determines how many assets will be associated with that job and enters it into our secure cloud interface.  Database entries with activation codes are automatically created for that job.  These activation codes can now be automatically emailed to users with instructions for sanitization and return.  As each asset completes its sanitization, the cloud database is updated with those results for real-time reporting.



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