Whether you are a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher, Microsoft Registered Refurbisher or just getting started in refurbishing, Erasure, Test and Re-Imaging are a must to get the most out of your assets. The problem is that until now, this required a big work force.  One group to perform the testing and visual inspection, one group to perform erasure, someone to create and manage all your images and substantial knowledge on how to automate and deploy those images.  Even with all of these bases covered, it can still be a complicated, time consuming task. Not to mention the fact that it is typically done in a separate process from data erasure, testing and auditing.

XImage is an all encompasing point and click solution that erases, performs burn-in testing, physical auditing, re-imaging, dynamic driver injection and automated application installation all at once. This reduces time, touches, workforce and knowledge base required which intern reduces cost per asset while increasing throughput capabilities.



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