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Q. I haven’t had a chance to generate reports on disks that were just erased and need to start new erasures on a different set of drives.  Can a report be generated later on the first set of drives?

A. Yes.  Before connecting the new set of drives, log any force failures, then (optionally close XErase) move the logs for the current erasure to a new folder and/or USB stick.  When ready to generate the report, one choice would be to open the reports icon and change the “default log path” drop down in the upper left corner.  In that screen, select, “Specify Subfolders”, then click the “+” icon.  On the next screen, double click the “c:\” (or the drive letter for the USB stick) under the “Shortcuts” pane on the left side, then scroll through the possible folders and subfolders that are displayed in the pane on the right side.  Once the desired top level folder is displayed, click the “Add” icon, select/find the folder the logs were previously moved to and generate the report.

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